Dance Floor Rental

Dance Floors, Staging & Sound Systems for your Wedding or Special Event

“Everybody get up and dance!” From special events to weddings, dancing is often the highlight of the event. If you are planning a wedding or special event that will include dancing, you will need a designated area for your guests to dance within. Our dance floor rentals and platforms are safe and spacious. Whether you are looking to rent a small space for dancing, a large dancing area, or multiple dance floors, we can meet all of your dance floor rental needs. Columbia Tent Rentals has all types of dance floors and platforms to match the needs of your event – so the only question is, who’s going to pull the biggest dance moves at your event? Watch out!

Sound Systems

“DJ, turn up the music!” Your guests will need music to dance to and our wedding and special event sound systems are designed for fast and easy set-up while providing excellent quality for both music playback or live musicians. Powered mixer, speakers and microphones are all included.

Dance Floor Rental from Columbia Tent Rentals
Square shaped Dance Floor Rental from Columbia Tent Rentals
Large Dance Floor Rental from Columbia Tent Rentals for weddings
Dance Floor SizeWill Accommodate
12’ x 12’45
12’ x 16’60
15’ x 16’90
18’ x 20”130
21’ x 24’190
24’ x 24’220

4’ x 4’ Sections (raised 12” -24”)
Stairs & Skirting

(2) 1,000 Watt – JBL Speakers with mixing board and microphone


50’ – 12 gauge extension cord
100’ – 12 gauge extension cord