Bistro Lighting

The Bistro Lights are dimmable 7watt/2″ clear bulbs with 12″ spacing. They can be hung around the perimeter of the tent or as a canopy. We can also accent a outdoor area creating a elegant atmosphere.

Spot lighting

Our Spot Lighting can be placed on center or side tent poles to create the soft elegant look! These are also dimmable..

Up Lighting

Up lights are either a black or white can light which can be used to highlight a given area. They’ve been used to accent barn entrances, brick walls and even trees. This is a visual addition to any event.

Edison Bulbs

The perfect way to accent a table, bar or even the dance floor. They can be strung at different heights to create diversity. This is an eclectic look that will create memories.


The Norwich Chandelier takes classic design and offers its own unique, modern twist. The Chandelier measures 25″W x 25″H.